Most anticipated films of 2015


Despite last year's poor cinemas showing, (which we wrote about here) we here at OPP are already looking ahead at 2015 and the impressive looking slate of films that will be offered to us. Have a look at some of the films we are looking forward to  this year:




Disney’s Big Hero 6

Despite this only being released in the UK January 2015, it has seen an earlier release in other parts of the Globe, which is why I was lucky enough to see Disney/Pixar’s latest work since the massive smash that was Frozen. Away from the Princesses and into the modern hub of ‘San Fransokyo,’ Big Hero 6 is a fun adventure with plenty of heart. Think The Incredibles. And for those suffering a film-hangover once they’ve seen this, have no fear, as Inside Out will be out Summer 2015!






Based on the true story and novel (Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail,) Wild is a literal and metaphorical journey for protagonist Cheryl Strayed. With critics and audiences alike praising Witherspoon’s performance and hyping the film up for Awards season, definitely make sure to catch Wild if you’re in the mood for a gritty yet inspiring tale of looking up. Fans of last year’s Dallas Buyer’s Club should take note – this is director Jean-Marc Vallée’s next offering to us.



The Avengers: Age of Ultron

The Avengers literally smashed onto the scene two years ago in their filmic debut to great acclaim, and now they’re back! We’re expecting Marvel’s biggest stars to score huge numbers on opening weekend, as the charismatic team returns to get up to more saving the World in 2015. With Marvel’s next phase of Superhero films (out of their huge upcoming slate,) about to hit us, we don’t think the superhero film craze will die out anytime soon.



Bond 24: Spectre

With a heavily hyped title reveal for Bond 24, Craig is back as the world’s most notorious spy. We hope you haven’t spoiled the film with the recent script leak, as the combination of Sam Mendes’ return and a very solid cast makes Spectre look incredibly promising. (Christoph Waltz!) We bet audiences will be flocking to see this one.




Furious 7

Fans of action and cars need to wait no further than April to see the return of the blockbuster franchise. Although this is the late Paul Walker’s last film, the rest of the cast show no sign of slowing down anytime soon, given the franchises’ popularity. This installment continues on from the previous film, with a revenge plot focused on our favourite gang.




The Revenant

Hot off the trails of Birdman comes Iñárritu’s next film. An 1820s frontier drama with Leonardo DiCaprio as a bear-mauled vengeance seeker? Count us in. This is based on a novel which is in turn, partially based on the life of frontiersman Hugh Glass. Not too much is known about the film (except for those in the know who have read the book,) but we’re hoping it will be as good as Birdman!



The Hateful Eight

Despite drama and a shelving after the script was leaked, looks like this one will be hitting our screens after all. Tarantino’s alleged last film is another Western, following the success of Django Unchained. This time, there is a stagecoach journey, and Tarantino’s usual medley of kooky characters. We expect a smart script, plenty of violence and typical Tarantino stylization in his second Western. If this is indeed, his 10th and final film, we expect he will really go out with a bang.




Star Wars Episode VII



What are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!

Posted by Samaria S on 14th January 2015
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